Podcast #3: The Choice of a Francophone, Immersion, or an English School

Available October 16, 2019

In theory, choosing a school should be obvious: anglophones in an anglophone language school and Francophones in a French language school. Yet, the situation is not so simple in a language minority situation like Kingston. Many factors influence parents’ decision. Catherine Lord, Sarah Lasko, and Éric Galarneau discuss teaching French in schools of the Kingston region. They will talk about the advantages and challenges of the different choices.

Education: The Choice Between Francophone, Immersion, and English School

by ACFOMI | One City, Two Realities: Discussions Between Francos and Anglos 50 Years After the Official Languages Act

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Guest Speakers

Éric Galarneau

Éric Galarneau


Eric Galarneau is a community builder and proud Franco-Kingstonian. He sits on various boards of directors. It seeks to improve the cause of La Francophonie. He is also fond of social media. Eric has been involved in the education sector for twenty years. He is currently working as a Cultural Facilitator at Mille-Îles Public High School.

Catherine Lord

Catherine Lord


Catherine Lord is from a unilingual home in Quebec. During a language exchange in Venezuela, she discovered her passion for learning languages and the different cultures that accompany them. Shortly after her travels, she began her studies at St. Thomas University in New-Brunswick. Since then, she has studied Italian, German, Portuguese, and Catalan. In her role as a French instructor at the Royal Military College, Catherine specializes in communication with her cadets who must become bilingual. She obtained her master’s from Queen’s University in 2012. Her thesis focuses on migrant writing in Quebec.

Sarah Lasko

Sarah Lasko


Sarah Lasko is a former core French student turned Francophile. She grew up in small town Southern Ontario when French immersion was not an option. Her experience as an exchange student in Quebec planted the seed for her to further her education in French at Queen’s University. Sarah shares that same delight in learning a second language with her students. She has taught immersion and core French in the elementary panel, in both rural and urban settings for several school boards in Ontario. She currently teaches Grade 7 students who are new to French immersion with the Limestone DSB using language as a path to further her students’ Canadian understanding and identity. Her own four children attend Francophone schools and self-identify as Franco-Ontarians.

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