Podcast #2: Literature and Poetry

Available October 1, 2019 

UA meeting between two writers who live in Kingston and whose literary careers intersect. What impact the language of writing or of publication does have on the writer’s work? Which literary or cultural communities are the Francophone and Anglophone writers reaching out? The conversation with Bianca Côté et Eric Fulsom intends to be a dialogue between writers who could discover that, in French or in English, they share the same experience. The two writers will also read excerpts from their work.

Literature and Poetry

by ACFO Mille-Îles | One City, Two Realities: Discussions Between Francos and Anglos 50 Years After the Official Languages Act

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Guest Speakers

Johanne Bénard

Johanne Bénard


Johanne Bénard is a professor in the French Studies Department at Queen’s, where she teaches French and Francophone literature of the 20th century since 1989. She is also interested by contemporary literature and theatre.

Eric Folsom

Eric Folsom


Eric Folsom is a Kingston poet who has long been active in the city’s literary community. He worked for more than twenty years as a Library Assistant at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, and helped edit the small literary magazines Next Exit and Quarry in the Eighties and Nineties. He has published four books of poetry, mostly recently “Le Loutre: a Poetry Narrative”, which examines the Grand Dérangement of Acadia. Born in the United States, he came to Montréal in 1969 as student at McGill. He learned to love the complexity of Canada and has been a dual citizen since 1993.
Bianca Côté

Bianca Côté


Bianca Côté was born in Montreal where she obtained her Master’s in literary studies. She has published several stories including Carnets d’une habituée in 1998, and a book of poetry entitled Un mandala dans une benne à ordures (2015). Occasional editor, production manager, proofreader and copywriter, she has worked for many years in publishing. She has also been the Program officer for the Canada Council of Arts. Since 2008, she has been teaching French as a second language to the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston

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