Baladodiffusion #13: Francophone Youth

Recorded June 29, 2021

Young Francophones in Canada fight to preserve and especially live in their language. Whether they’re registered in a Francophone school, organizers of French activities, or bringing awareness to causes that affect young Canadians, young francophones are engaged and united in their language. 2 young francophones from very different experiences discuss how they arrived in Kingston, their daily lives, and their fight to preserve French in Ontario.  

Francophone Youth

by ACFOMI | One City, Two Realities: Discussions between Francos and Anglos 50 Years after the Official Languages Act

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Guest Speakers

Lauren Anglin

Lauren Anglin


Zakary Georges-Gangé

Zakary Georges-Gangé

Guest Speaker

Originally from Quebec City, Zakary-Georges moved to Kingston almost a year ago. Working at ACFOMI as the Resources and Information Agent, they’re also a freelance illustrator and the host of the “Inner Queer” podcast. Having grown up in a francophone environment, Zakary-Georges has been on a journey to better understand Franco Ontarian issues since their arrival.

Alexane Houle

Alexane Houle


Hello! My name is Alexane, I’m 17 years old. I was born in Quebec and I moved five times between Quebec and Ontario during my childhood because both my parents are in the military, which helped me build some resiliency. I’ve been living in Kingston for the past five years and I am going to the french public high school Mille-Îles, where I have had the opportunity to involve myself in the community and in my school by being in the student council and participating in multiple activities. During the years 2020-2021, I was the Prime Minister and senior senator of my school which let me represent the student voice and fight for causes that the youth takes to heart. I’m very artistic, sociable and someone who loves to be involved in diverse activities.

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