21 Electronic Warfare Regiment
Type de contrat/Contract Type
Mix of Part Time and fulltime contracts available once trained
Autre catégorie/Other Category
$124.40-$178.88 per day
Part-time hours: 4-40 per week
Comment Postuler/How to Apply
Par courriel/By E-mail
Veuillez spécifier/Please Specify
Annoncé jusqu'au/Advertised until
10 Dec 2023


Signals Intelligence Specialists intercept and analyze electronic transmissions, including foreign communications. Typically, Reserve Force members work or train with their home unit for one evening per week and two weekends per month, from September to May of each year. SIGINT Specialists work in a highly secure environment with restricted access, handling extremely sensitive information. At 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment initial training will center on common military skills followed by specialization in tactical Electronic Warfare. After completing basic training, additional soldier, driver and communications skills, candidates will learn to collect, process, analyze and report on electromagnetic activity on radio frequencies, using highly sophisticated equipment in an austere Army environment.

Candidates must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents between 16 and 53 who are prepared to undergo both physical and classroom training. The SIGINT Specialist training requires an applicant to have a minimum of 6 months available for full time training in their first 3 years in the reserve. While this is delivered in a pattern easily matched to the availability of Post Secondary and Sr high school students, it is open to all. Workers in the gig economy, those whom are underemployed or are between positions have all been successful on an ongoing basis with this mixed part and full time position. Not all training must occur during summer blocks.

Successful candidates once they have complete training will be eligible to apply for positions at home or deployments abroad, may transfer to the regular force full time or take their skills to other positions. Information sessions are held weekly. Applicants thru this website will automatically be sent additional information on the various positions and the next information sessions available. Positions at 21 EW Regiment are competitive, and candidates may not be successful in their first choice of trade. Invitations to attend an information session may also be requested from us directly.

Applications may be started now by going directly to the Canadian Forces Website at the link below, and you are still welcome to attend an information session after completing the online application. It is possible to change the trade and position you have applied for at several stages in the application process if you are unsure of which trade offers the best experience for you.


When asked for a reserve unit recognition code, please use 4935, or in the next questions say yes you have a reserve unit of interest. Type 21 and select 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment. When your online application is completed, please email us so that we can expedite scheduling the rest of your application process. Students who use an address outside of Kingston should always contact us after completing the online application, or their application will first be seen by staff in other cities, causing a delay.